Our probiotics are stored in refrigeration and shipped with an icepack. However, the probiotics maintain their full potency for several weeks at room temperature without refrigeration. Please contact us if you would like more information on the incredible viability of these microorganisms.

Now is the prime time to harness your best health, for you and for your baby! 

Good nutrition is an essential part of both preconception and prenatal care. Pregnancy increases your body's demand for both nutrients and calories. You want to optimize those calories and ensure that they will promote the health and development of your unborn baby's body and brain. There are a number of nutritional factors that will help to support your baby's health and enable you to be the best mama for your baby right away.

  • B-Supreme

    High potency B-complex with highly utilized methylated forms of folate and cobalamin

    $ 37.80
  • Evening Primrose Oil

    Natural source of GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid that supports reproductive and overall health.

    $ 17.95
  • Folate 400

    A pure and highly absorbable, active methylfolate

    $ 15.50
  • Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil

    Fermented cod liver oil for vitamins A, D, and immune health

    $ 34.95
  • GutPro Multi-Strain INFANT Probiotic Powder

    Foundational, multi-strain infant probiotic for optimal digestion in convenient powder form

    $ 99.95 - $ 105.45
  • GutPro multi-strain probiotic capsules

    Hypo-allergenic and foundational mutli-strain probiotic

    $ 49.95
  • GutPro Multi-Strain Probiotic Powder

    Hypo-allergenic and foundational mutli-strain probiotic in convenient powder form

    $ 99.95 - $ 105.45
  • Liquid Magnesium

    Highly absorbable liquid angstrom magnesium

    $ 28.95