Our probiotics are stored in refrigeration and shipped with an icepack. However, the probiotics maintain their full potency for several weeks at room temperature without refrigeration. Please contact us if you would like more information on the incredible viability of these microorganisms.

We all want a healthy brain -- a brain that will keep us wise and alert now and as we age. Yet the current increase in mental health issues -- from autism to depression to Alzheimers -- demands our careful attention. 

Believe it or not, the key to your healthy brain lies right beneath your belly button, in your gut! There's a reason why they call your gut your second brain and there's even more reason why you need to tend to your nutrition and digestive health to feed your innate intelligence. 

Become the mastermind of your brain health with these essential nutritional guidelines.

  • B-Supreme

    High potency B-complex with highly utilized methylated forms of folate and cobalamin

    $ 37.80
  • B6 Phosphate

    Highly active form of vitamin B6 for liver and neurological support

    $ 16.95
  • Bio-D-Mulsion Forte

    Highly absorbable liquid vitamin D in sesame oil

    $ 19.95
  • CoQ10

    A pure and therapeutic dose of CoQ10 for cardiovascular and metabolic health

    $ 33.60
  • D3 Serum

    Highly absorbable liquid vitamin D in olive oil

    $ 10.95
  • Diamond Mind

    Herbal adaptogen formula for optimal energy and brain function

    $ 31.95
  • Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Professional Formula

    Foundational multi-strain probiotic for optimal digestive function

    $ 69.95
  • Evening Primrose Oil

    Natural source of GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid that supports reproductive and overall health.

    $ 17.95
  • Four Strain Lactobacilli

    Foundational lactobacilli probiotic for optimal digestive function

    $ 100.00
  • Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil

    Fermented cod liver oil for vitamins A, D, and immune health

    $ 34.95
  • GutPro Multi-Strain INFANT Probiotic Powder

    Foundational, multi-strain infant probiotic for optimal digestion in convenient powder form

    $ 99.95 - $ 105.45
  • GutPro multi-strain probiotic capsules

    Hypo-allergenic and foundational mutli-strain probiotic

    $ 49.95
  • GutPro Multi-Strain Probiotic Powder

    Hypo-allergenic and foundational mutli-strain probiotic in convenient powder form

    $ 99.95 - $ 105.45
  • High Potency Omega-3 Therapy fish oil

    Pure and therapeutic omega 3 essential fatty acids for balanced inflammatory response

    $ 68.95
  • Liquid Magnesium

    Highly absorbable liquid angstrom magnesium

    $ 28.95
  • Liquid Zinc Assay

    Highly absorbable form of the trace mineral zinc for immune function and more

    $ 14.95
  • Matcha Green Tea First Harvest Tin

    Powdered green tea for potent antioxidant support

    $ 24.95
  • Mg-Zyme

    Multi-faceted magnesium support for elimination and more

    $ 16.95
  • Selenomethionine

    Mineral support for thyroid health and more

    $ 11.70
  • Siberian Ginseng

    Herbal adaptogen to support adrenals and stress response

    $ 24.95